If you are a socialite, business owner or a professional that is keeping up to date with your customers through Mailchimp, you have to give this one a try.

You are now able to keep in touch with your followers, fans and people on your email list via this app for Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Snap is a free app you can use to send a quick photo update to your list. Perfect for the entrepreneur on the move, the entrepreneur who wants to stay connected and the entrepreneur who is releasing a new product that he can take a photo and give his email list a preview of the product before everyone else. Your Virtual assistant can also use the app on your behalf to help them highlight any projects they are working on for your business.

What is so different about this app? Aren’t we already taking photos and sharing on Facebook, Twitter and so forth?

Well, you are correct. You are already sharing photos on these platforms but not everyone on these platforms are also on your list! In essence, those on your list are the people that actually gave you their email address and gave you permission to contact them about what you are offering or what you are up to!

Staying connected to your email list is a great way to make sure you are always on top of mind, hence the Mailchimp Snap is the perfect way to send those photo updates when you’re on the move or just want to quickly announce a product release before everyone else sees it.

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