Today’s post is about starting the vision on how you see your online business. Natalie has sectioned the next 12 days of posts to be around this theme.

Today however, I am to write about whose online business I admire the most and why.

There are so many admirable online entrepreneurs that I look up that I thought I’d add the ones I have found helpful particularly for me so far. They all bring a different mix of tools, knowledge and inspiration for me.

Category 1: Online Entrepreneurs who are not Virtual Assistants

1.    Marie Forleo – Marie is probably the most inspirational person on my list because I find her gutsy, smart, down to earth and funny persona easy to relate to. I found the video below one of the best ways to introduce her to you.

2.    Natalie Sisson – this amazing Kiwi (New Zealander) is someone I happened to stumble across in one of the LinkedIn discussions. I saw a discussion post that immediately grabbed my attention and I thought “that looks interesting”. Little did I know, I was going to be subscribing and visiting Natalie’s page over and over again. Look? I’ve even signed up to do her blogging challenge! I love her simplistic but adventurous approach to life and business. You can find out more about one of her books in the video below.

3.    Amy Porterfield – Hail, Amy the Queen of Facebook Marketing. Amy has an amazing knowledge of Facebook and makes a living on teaching about how to use Facebook to market your business. She previously worked with the amazing Tony Robbins. She also wrote the Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies book. See her tell you about it below.

Category 2: Online Entrepreneurs who are Virtual Assistants

1. Michelle Dale – Michelle is an amazing entrepreneur and one I admire a lot as a Virtual Assistant. She has a thirst for the best possible solutions for her clients and a hardworking ethic that I believe has led to her success as a Virtual Assistant and is now an Online Business Coach and provides training as well for others in the Industry and out of the Virtual Assistant industry. Michelle is known as Virtual Miss Friday. Check her video below telling you about one of her products that can show how you can be an online business owner too.

2.    Susan Mershon – Susan has become one of the VAs I have befriended online in one of the VA groups. She has an approachable nature and is encouraging with her everyday quotes and offers training in areas most VAs use for their businesses. In her former life, she was a Project Manager and a Software Trainer so she fits into her new online venture like a pro. She also provides free webinars to help you get started. She is probably the Queen of VA Webinar Trainings that I am aware of. Check her out on her Techie Mentor Labs website for more information

3.    Kathie Thomas – Kathie Thomas is one of a kind. She has the title of the founder of the Virtual Assistant industry in Australia and rightly so having started in 1994. She was also nominated twice for Australia of the Year in 2008 and 2009. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always eager to share her experience and expertise with new Virtual Assistants in the many forums she is in. I remember Kathie for her approachable nature and the messages I shared with her while I was on a boat from the North Island to the South Island in NZ. She however was in NZ at the moment on a cruise boat that was stopping by my local city. I messaged her saying, hopefully in a few years I can be on a cruise boat like you! Read more about Kathie on her website here

There are many many more entrepreneurs online but I might end up sitting here for another day or two if I keep writing about them. So perhaps we’ll save them for another day.

If you are thinking of starting an online business or branching an existing business online, I hope you find this post helpful.

Leave a comment and tell me about whether you have any particular business entrepreneurs who you admire.

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