Today’s topic is about key tools. Specifically the key tools that will help me keep on with the goals and dreams I have.

I’m a believer of the saying that “Mindset” is everything. I believe it is so powerful that it can tell the rest of your logical brain that even the impossible becomes possible and the unreachable becomes reachable. This reminds me of a favourite quote from my local gym.

“Free your mind, the body will follow” ~ Les Mills

For me in particular, the tools in maintaining my mindset is mainly to do with my IMAGINATION and picturing life in the lifestyle I dream of. I imagine myself already there at the goal post and how my life would be at that point in time.

It is also about maintaining my focus on the tasks and projects I need to do to get me there.

The tools that assist me in managing the tasks that help me towards that goal include tools such as the Reminders app. The Reminders app is where I setup tasks or quotes that I remind myself regularly whether it is daily, weekly or fortnightly. The use of quotes setup in my reminders is a powerful way that I remind myself over and over again that Quote A, Quote B and Quote C apply to me. Eventually it becomes a powerful thought that will become a belief system which I hope will translate to reality!

Task and project-wise, I use TeamworkPM to manage my to do list and help organise projects and deadlines to ensure their successful completion.

TeamworkPM is a fabulous project management tool that allows tracking, measurement and organisation of your projects/tasks and their dependencies. It sends me a daily report of tasks I have on the list for today and upcoming projects planned.

Leave a comment and tell me what tools do you use for maintaining your focus?

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