Today’s post is about examining the revenue streams that would suit my business model.

In Natalie’s description of today’s blog post, she had examples which included selling yourself versus selling other people’s stuff. Income streams were also categorised as active versus residual income.

For me, as I begin my journey online I feel that the most feasible model to use is what I trust and what I know. What I know and what I trust is my experience and learning in the past 10+ years that has given me the skills and knowledge to be able to be in this position right now. My experiences in the offline world is now available to small businesses out there as I help them by becoming your online business support provider. Being the best virtual assistant you can imagine, your small business graphic and web designer, your social media manager and your administrative expert on hand when you need it.

I am confident that there will be a time when I am able to sell other people’s stuff but it is not right now. It will be at a time when I am able to assess my current business model and see if it will be complementary to what you, my readers would find benefit in.

In the future, I hope to see a good mix of active versus residual income streams.

Right now, only an active stream of income is feasible at this stage but a residual income generation may be possible next year. I may have some information products that will assist you in your business setup and save you time from doing the ground work.

Leave a comment and tell me about a certain type of information (i.e. business tools for list management) or skill that would make your life so much easier right now.

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