Today’s post looks at the nuts and bolts of how I would make this online business survive in the virtual world. Being in business for yourself demands a lot of you as a business owner and you have to be punctual and strategic in how you operate because everything is now your full responsibility. It is no longer the responsibility of the former boss that you had or your partner or your cute little cat that keeps you company on your home desk. You have to be accountable for the systems, administration, marketing, financials, strategic planning, customer services and <insert more things in here that you do>.

If you are familiar with running a business online and earning from the world wide web, you will be aware that there are two common ways to make a living online. If you are not familiar with them, here they are listed below.

1.    Selling your own products or services online.

2.    Selling other people’s products or services online.

At the moment, I want to focus on tackling the first method but in time I will venture on to selling other people’s products or services that I trust will benefit my readers.

I currently sell services to help small businesses become visible online and save them money by utilising technology and partnering with me on an as required basis so that they pay for the time that they only need help or support. The cost per hour may be higher than the cost of having an employee but if you add the total sums, the cost of partnering with Executive Support NZ is far less as you only pay for the time you need my services. Our services include creating a website that is mobile friendly and you can also update it as you need it. We create graphics. This includes small business logos. We can also help create your Facebook cover photos, Twitter background or Google Plus cover photo. To top it off, we also provide administrative expertise remotely.

In time, I intend to create products that will help you, the small business owner save time on creating systems from scratch. The ideas are currently floating in my head but this need further thought before product creation.

Once I feel comfortable with moving on to the second method (also known as affiliate marketing), I hope to have a system in place to help analyse what works best and what services or products my readers prefer the most.

Leave a comment and tell me about whether you have any business products or services that you currently sell online. Leave a link to your website so I can visit you as well.

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