People will always be the most important asset to any organization. This is why companies go through a great deal of time and effort in finding and getting the right employee. They will also continuously benchmark against the industry in order to keep their compensation and benefits package at par with the rest.

But finding the right person to the job is not an easy task. Most of the times, there are a number of applicants, but getting the one with the job fit can be extremely frustrating.  In reality, there is not one person who has all the needed qualifications.

In order to set expectations at bay, you don’t need find the perfect employee. Look for someone who may have the necessary educational and training backgrounds, but you may need to focus on a specific set of characteristics that can help define a winning team.

Take a look below on some tips on what should you look for when hiring your potential employees:

  • Be on the lookout for people who are passionate about what they do. Passion fuels the drive to continuously work with excellence.   And when you are working with people who are champions, they excel in their given work, then rest assured you are leaving your business in good hands.
  • A winning attitude is a great asset. People who may not have a high IQ, but are positive thinkers and are optimistic for better outcomes helps foster a better culture within your workplace. They are those who are receptive to changes and the challenges it brings.
  • Integrity and Commitment.  Integrity is exemplified by staff who consistently demonstrate ethical and moral standards while commitment is dedication to a cause or interest.  When an employee has these two characteristics hand in hand, they will be delivering their jobs in excellent quality and on a timely manner. Persons who are committed do not hide behind excuses, but actually defies barriers to get the job done.
  • A person with a wide range of skills can offer more flexibility that those who are just specialists in a single field.

Finding the right fit and the right mix of people is a challenge for any organization. But just remember the simple tips above and you are already on your way to building a stronger and winning team.  If you are looking for a team that can slot in and take care of some of those tasks you require, contact us here at Executive Support NZ so we can get those taken care of.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carla Arnedo | Virtual Assistant and Content Creator at Executive Support NZ Ltd. Carla is an Accountant by training. She is a Team Leader and enjoys writing and spending time with her family.

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