Here we are in 2015, the year of the future in the movie trilogy Back to The Future. Humans have always been intrigued with flying as a futuristic ideal, whether it is hover boards and a flying DeLorean, spaceships with The Jetsons or Star Trek, or any number of science fiction rockets or time machines to quickly transport us from one place to another. In 1985 when Back to The Future was written, no one predicted the rise of the Internet in business.

We speak of virtual reality now, where it’s not our bodies, but rather our minds which can fly instantly from one place to another. We can work from any location and connect with colleagues or clients anywhere in the world, as long as we have an internet connection. Even when going on holiday, we increasingly want to be connected to our friends via facebook, letting them know every place we go and meal we eat. We can no longer leave work behind at the office either. The electronic tether means it’s hard to unwind and de-stress.

The future is moving fast. In 2005 it was considered a good idea to have a website for your business; now it has become a necessity just to keep up with the competition. Now websites have become streamlined and interconnected. Being connected to social media and linking facebook, twitter and other social media sites to your website has become the new norm.

What is the next great leap in the digital world for business? I believe it is contracting out your digital marketing strategy and communication so business people can get back to doing what they do best, building and maintaining their core business. So if you’re in business, a NZ Virtual Assistant company like Executive Support NZ Ltd can take over the task of connecting on your behalf and communicating what your business does, to the wider world. This brings an opportunity for further growth by reaching more customers. Executive Support NZ Ltd is your outsourced digital marketing expert who can take care of this for you, leaving you free to run your business. We can handle your social media, website maintenance, online product launches and content creation.

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