With the Christmas season just a couple of weeks away, it is often a time that businesses find themselves very busy. For others, it is a quiet time they will appreciate as they wind down from the year’s journey.

For business owners, executives and busy professionals it can be a time they look forward to as a well deserved break together with loved ones offshore or somewhere they enjoy spending time together.

I’m sure you’ve had a party, two or more to celebrate Christmas and the approaching end of the year. With two more weeks left, you would’ve already booked any travel necessary and your accommodation if you are travelling. If you haven’t, there’s always the “Last Minute Deals” for accommodation to take advantage of. Just search for it on Google. Same cannot be said for flights unfortunately so I hope you’ve had yours booked and confirmed.

To help check that your Office is ready for the Christmas break, Executive Support NZ is gifting you with a Week-Before Christmas Office Checklist.

Grab your free checklist here (PDF file).

Thank you for being an awesome part of the Executive Nation reading and following us on our website. We wish you all the best for Christmas and hope you have a rockin’ holiday!

Share the love this Christmas and spread the news of the free checklist to your followers and friends.

Feel free to share your Christmas plans below on the comments or how you found the checklist.

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