The New Zealand flag — your chance to decide                      Referendum #1: 20 November – 11 December 2015.

Will we choose to keep the status quo and stay with our existing flag or branch out with a new design? Whatever we decide, it will be a turning point. The emblem we choose as a symbol is something we will identify with at national and international events. When the New Zealand anthem plays for a Kiwi gold medallist, which flag will be raised to honour that sportsperson or team?

Before a referendum was suggested to decide if we wanted change, our flag was something many of us took for granted. Being asked to choose a symbol to represent us has brought focus on what exactly we do want. Stopping to consider alternatives at any point in life helps us to make wise choices. Do we continue on our current path or make a change?

Professional vs D.I.Y.

Pausing to consider options in the business arena, weighing up the costs and benefits of pursuing one direction or another, is wise too. Will you choose to use a virtual assistant to communicate with your customers or add this role to the many other tasks you already perform? If you do it yourself, do you have the time to maintain an ongoing conversation?

Is it worth the time investment? Yes!

Will connecting regularly with existing and potential customers increase your sales and how can you measure this? Social media analytics tools show how effectively you’re reaching customers and trends are easy to monitor, so decisions to change a campaign can be made in real time.

Executive Support NZ can be your interface, initiating conversation through social media and providing a Kiwi voice for your business, essentially speaking as you. Ask us how we can help grow your business by interacting with your clients, listening to their feedback and encouraging them to use your services before that of your competitors.

The options are here: It’s your choice.

Executive Support NZ: Let us be your NZ Virtual Assistant. 

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