With social media becoming one of the popular platforms for small business owners to market their businesses, some have found it a bit of a struggle to fit their logo as a profile photo on their business facebook page. You are wondering about how to resize a picture and let alone your facebook page profile photo.

This post will feature the first of our series of “how to” videos to show you exactly how to resize your logo using an online web-based tool that is available for free to anyone with internet access.

The tools that I have used for producing this video are:

1. Pixlr – pixlr.com is a free online graphics tool that can help you edit and create graphics for your small business as you please.

2. Google Hangout on AirĀ – Google hangouts are a new form of video communication that is making international collaboration easier. As a google product, it means anyone with a Google account can host or participate in a hangout. It enables me to share my “how to” video with you when it uploads my video at the end automatically to youtube.

3. Google Plus Page – I have used my business Google+ page to host and record this hangout for you rather than from my personal Google+ profile.

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