Party season and finger food go hand in hand. What is so enticing about the little morsels we offer or accept at social events? A recent mailer offered recipes for antipasto tarts, mini kebabs, and for a festive touch: cranberry and brie vol-au-vents. The beauty of these bite sized nibbles is that they can be eaten in a mouthful or two, without impeding conversation.

Snacking on information is a similar idea. How do you share what your company is about? Do you present content in bite size pieces of information, easy to consume by your reader or listener? Can they easily take in what you are offering and then move on? The adage ‘less is more’ is true in this setting, because small is easier to remember.

  • To learn brevity, start with an ‘elevator pitch’ Can you verbally distil what you do into the 20-30 seconds it takes to travel between floors in a lift (or elevator)? This technique focuses on a captive audience in limited time.
  • Take a tip from seasoned politicians who have learned to speak in 30 second soundbites, knowing their speeches will be cut and edited for television broadcasts. Editors will sieve the gold out of the stream of information and highlight it to gain audience attention.
  • Back to the party: Compare the mobility of socialising over finger food, to a full buffet which requires you to stay in one place. Does your website present as a smorgasbord of heavy portions or a light, easy to consume menu where bite size articles can be easily shared by others? After all, who doesn’t want free advertising? A video that has gone viral can bring a massive return to a company.
  • Mix up your menu. Include the bite sized portions by breaking down some of your substantial information into ways that can be quickly and easily grasped. Consumers don’t have the time to stop and analyse cryptic content. If you’re not sure how to do this, your Virtual Assistant NZ team can help. Make it easy for your customers and you both win. Contact us for assistance.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christine Aikenhead is the Content Writer for Executive Support NZ. She is a Communications Professional and a Massey University Scholar ready to help you with your content creation and messaging.

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