December: the mad month of year-end parties and relentless advertising. The pace of this month increases to a frenetic flurry as Christmas approaches. As a business owner, how do you cope with advertising – ignore it or contribute to the mounting pile of mail winging its way to letterboxes near and far?

My letterbox
A sentry at my garden gate
Stands faithful every day
Wears his number proudly
A medal on display

He barks at those with junk mail
‘We do not want it here!
Read the sign’, he glares at them
‘Hooray for the letterbox!’ I cheer.

As a consumer, you know unsolicited mail can be a nuisance factor. But as a business owner, how do you stand out from the crowd and get your message out where it can be seen?

Advertise online! Increasingly customers are looking at online ads on mobile phones and other devices. It’s not only a youth space either, as this market is growing fastest in the over 55 age group.

Google has become the ‘go to’ way of finding information quickly. Online information can have keywords embedded into the content, so when a Google search is done for your product or service, your website will come up. Vanessa, your NZ virtual assistant, is Google adword certified. She knows how to make this happen for you.

Are you ready for the Christmas market? Unlike print advertising, there’s no lead time for production when advertising online. So it’s not too late to run a facebook campaign showcasing your December or Christmas specials. Online advertising can be targeted to your audience, so instead of advertising to a large segment of people who have no interest, you can focus on the demographic most likely to respond. Exclusivity has value and you want the customers clicking through to your offer, to be the ones most likely to buy, because whether you run a ‘pay per click’ campaign or set a daily target price, you want to see a return on your investment. This is the time when customers are looking to buy, so it makes sense to offer your product in a place and format where they will see it.

Let Executive Support NZ be your virtual assistant and help you stand out from the crowd with a digital ad campaign this December.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christine Aikenhead is the Content Writer for Executive Support NZ. She is a Communications Professional and a Massey University Scholar ready to help you with your content creation and messaging.

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