There is something about you.

Something about your drive to succeed and help others that make it all worthwhile.

Your goals and dreams for your business are clear.

Yet, right now, you feel overwhelmed with work, the tech and keeping yourself on top of everything else going on in life. You know you can’t give up because after all, you are the ambitious and driven one that will do whatever it takes.

Your excitement over your course launch and/or the possibilities of your new automation system soon fades when you realise the endless hours you have spent trying to figure it all out.

On your own.

Sound familiar?

Hi ya!

I am Vanessa Leota and I help ambitious go-getters like you get your techie to do list done!

With a background in Information Systems & Business Communications, you get a powerful combo to your advantage as I help you with the creation of your online systems and automation.

My love of things techie translates to solving your tech headaches, making your heart sing louder and recommending opportunities to make your systems even better.

I have worked in the health industry in the tertiary education sector as well as the palliative care environment. In addition, I also consult as a Training Consultant locally for Microsoft Office programmes.

Working with me and the team here at Executive Support NZ Virtual Assistant services means:

You work with a team with a CAN DO APPROACH.


You have a creative and technical team JUST FOR YOU.

You have access to a FLEXIBLE AND DETERMINED team to complete your projects on time. EVERYTIME.

and you get a CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT oriented approach with handling your projects.

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