It’s Sunday here in New Zealand as I write Day 5’s blog post of the day.

The topic is to answer the question, “What does your perfect day look like?”

What is perfect? Does it mean that the day will go without any upsets or wrongs along the next 24 hours? Does it mean everything will go smoothly for the full day? Perhaps, it is the day when all the things you expected to happen clicked into place. I for one, will not argue with that one. *smile*

A perfect day as I describe it today may be different to what I would have described it years earlier or a year or two from today. A perfect day therefore I feel is dependent on a person’s current reality and circumstances on where they are with life. I know that is some deep stuff (hahaha)

Today, I would describe my current perfect day as waking up feeling rested, then stepping out to a beautiful sunny warm day. Enjoying a hot cup of flat white in my favourite cafe with my Mr 4 who chats to me about the fluffies on his mug. ¬†By afternoon, we’d be lying on a freshly cut dry lawn soaking up the sun and hearing the buzz of life around us. By mid afternoon we’re back in my home office where I’d catch up on work before evening arrives. By evening, I’d be on Skype catching up with my Dad and other family/friends located miles away and sharing our news of the day. At the end of this perfect day, I’d be reading an inspirational book, watching some funny Marie Forleo episodes or learning some new skill online until my eyes tell me it’s time to rest. I close my eyes content that the day has gone well. A perfect day it has been.

How would you define your perfect day?

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