It’s almost the end of the day and I’m finally on my computer continuing on the blogging challenge to do today’s topic. Phew!

Today’s topic is answering the question, “What is your definition of location independence?”

Picture this. At 10am, you go to the gym for a workout. You are listening to your workout music on your smartphone. While you’re pedalling the life out of that exercycle, you suddenly hear your phone beep indicating a new message from one of your potential clients. You respond to their email queries and you end up signing up a new client right there from the gym.

12pm. You grab some lunch and your phone sings out Bon Jovi’s “It’s my life” – your designated tune for notifying you of another sale of that spectacular product you have for sale on your website. You decide to make the most of the free wi-fi on the spot and you start on your newest client’s project.

The following day, you fly out of the country to visit an old friend or family member and was at the airport the next day for a long haul flight. You pack your suitcase with your laptop and your smartphone. For the next 3 days while you’re there, you enjoy the good old times with your friend or family but also have the flexibility of maintaining your lifestyle by responding to any client questions or working on your next project.

The above scenario is only one of many ways I could describe what it means to be location independent. To be location independent is to be free from the requirement of being in an office that requires you to be there in order to carry out your work. As an online services provider, location independence is something I gladly embrace. There are pros and cons to be location independent but I think ultimately it boils down to an individual’s reality and what makes them content and happy.

What about you? Would you enjoy being location independent?

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