So before I knew it, Christmas has already been and gone. How time flies by…quickly eh? Hope you had a blast and that you’re feeling refreshed from a well earned break…or better yet, still on your holiday break 🙂


What did I get up to?
Well, I did enjoy spending time with the family as well as some scenic views of beautiful New Zealand during the holidays. It amazes me how much beauty there is that surrounds us but we often don’t spend enough time to appreciate it. Living in the South Island of NZ means easier access to some of the beautiful places there is in the world! This time, we explored a bit of the Catlins. Curious to see some views? Click on the Catlins tourism website here to get all the information you need.

Where to now?
It’s back to the drawing board and assessing the direction of Executive Support NZ. Assessing the direction or path to go through involves setting goals. Goal setting is an activity that helps a business or individual create a path for themselves to achieve what they set out to do in the short term or long term.
With the availability of virtual tools and apps that help with the task of goal setting, there is definitely no shortage of tools in the virtual space and mobile technology. However, it has been mentioned again and again from successful entrepreneurs that writing down your goals adds a little bit more of an ingredient to the possibility of actually achieving those goals. Michael Hyatt is one such person and has written a must read blog post for you to check out. Click here to read Michael’s post on goal setting.

To make it easier and convenient for you to write down your goals and have it visible on your wall everyday, Executive Support NZ has already prepared a wall planner for your top 3 goals from weekly to year long.

Click on the image on this blog post to download your free PDF wall planner or here.
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