This morning, I woke up to find our home blanketed in white. It was covered in snow. The bed felt cosy and warm but the tip of my nose poking through the covers felt the cool air. The radio was on and I could hear the announcer naming the road and school closures around the region. The main road which we have to go through to get to work and school was closed. Everyone in the house felt excited knowing that “winter” has granted a holiday. Virtual administrators however do not have to cross wintry conditions to get to work. All I had to do was plug in and tap tap to get to work 🙂 How awesome is that? (Unless of course, you wanted to be on holiday as well) Fortunately for me, I love what I do and if you are working as a Virtual Administrator, you will know that having the flexibility around your schedule is one great advantage of this industry. I absolutely love what I do and it gets me excited to do work for my clients wherever whenever regardless of the weather conditions. I snapped some photos below to share with you on how it looks like outside.

It also got me thinking about how advantageous it is for someone working with a Virtual Administrator.

If you are thinking of working with a Virtual Administrator, there are many advantages in comparison to employing a staff member or hiring from recruitment agencies. There are articles online where one could find out about the experiences of others working with a Virtual Administrator. Timmy Brister recently wrote about his here.

Key Advantages of working with a Virtual Administrator (VA) are:
1. You will be able to access and benefit from the years of experience from an administrator who is confident and knowledgable in their field of work. The VA Industry have a variety of skilled administrators from those handling transcription type work, data entry, accounts to website development and social media management.
2. You do not have to pay the costs of employing a staff member such as office space, costs of equipment for them to work from, holiday, leave costs and so forth.
3. You will be able to focus and put more time on the core areas of your business rather than spending hours on administration.
4. You will also learn quickly to adapt and grow your business along with technology which is a must for anyone in business. Don’t get left behind!

Be able to focus and put more time on the core areas of your business rather
than spending hours on administration

If you wish to discuss the possibility of working with Executive Support NZ, contact us now for a consultation. Snow or not, Executive Support NZ will be working for you.

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