If you’re using the internet often and currently not using Chrome, I hope this post will be useful to you and convince you of the powerful and neat features of Chrome.

As an avid internet user and if comparing Chrome to the eyes of a child who is comparing several bars of chocolate, Chrome would be the chocolate bar that comes with the extra candies that the child loves. They get a choice of the extra candies and always have several options to choose from. A wide selection that they can choose as they like and remove as they like. A bit of a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” type scenario of creating the possibilities where the limits are only limited to your imagination.

Despite Google Chrome being one of the newer browsers on the market, it is ranked by TipTopSecurity as the safest browser to use in one of their articles. They gave Chrome a score of 16 out of 17.

On the other hand, their recent entry is evident in Peter Bright’s article recently for Artstechnica which stated that Internet Explorer continues to take the largest share of usage worldwide with Chrome coming in 3rd place after Explorer and Firefox.

For me, Chrome has made my online experience much more enjoyable.  I list five reasons why below.

1. Chrome personalises your online experience

Your bookmarks, history and settings are all as you last left it if you were to log in from another computer using Chrome and into your Google account.  This is a super useful feature that recently helped me when I lost my laptop and had to buy a new Mac. Everything was there just like I last saw it.

2. Chrome syncs well with the other Google products you use

Since Chrome is a Google product, it therefore syncs best with Google Apps, Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Youtube and other add-ons that you use for your internet experience.

If you have an existing account with one of the Google products as listed above or not listed above, you already have a Google account. Chrome makes it easy to personalise your experience by logging into your Google account and it will recognise you as you use the various different Google products.

3. Chrome Web Store gives you access to just about anything!

The Chrome web store opens up a whole new world of Chrome extensions and tools that allows you to select and try out new software to help you work better and faster online. There are various categories of extensions available and I’ve circled some that I use quite a lot.

4. Chrome extensions you download from the web store are visually present on the Chrome user interface

Chrome extensions that you choose from the web store are easily accessible to how you prefer them on your Chrome browser settings. For example, the Google link shortener app allows me to click on the app button that visually appears on the top right hand side of the browser and it would give me a shortened link within a few clicks.

5. Chrome user interface is user friendly!

When you are browsing the internet, you want to find things quickly and easily. Chrome makes it easy for you to search. It also gives you a functional user interface that visually places the extensions you downloaded as mentioned in 4 in a presentable area of the browser. The bookmark bar is also handy for organising and filing your bookmarks in a visually appealing way.

Leave a comment and share your favourite browser or what you like or dislike about Google Chrome. We can all learn something from each other.

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