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What is a VA? or Virtual Assistant?

What is a VA? or Virtual Assistant?

What is a VA? or Virtual Assistant? Virtual assistant? What is that? It is a new-ish industry, which came into existence since the Internet boom. They are namely known as your online version of what you would call the Office Secretary or the Administrator at the...


Your time is important. You know and the team here at ESNZ knows!

There is not enough of you to do all that needs to be done. You want the best outcome for your plans but you just don’t have the time to do all the research, planning or time to execute all these into action!

Let alone, learning all these tech tools you have to use in order to build your business online. You already have enough to do and learning WordPress, Leadpages, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Convertkit  or [insert your personal favourite tech tool ;)] is making you feel overwhelmed, soooooo un-techy and frustrated.

You need a tech-savvy VA Ninja to handle that jazz for you while you handle the stuff that makes your heart sing. After all, that is why you started running your business, right? Not to feel frustrated with the technology in order to run it.

Here at Executive Support NZ, you are supported by a team of Virtual Assistants. Your Executive Support NZ team is led by Vanessa Leota. As an Information Systems & Business Communications graduate, you benefit from Vanessa’s love of Business Automation Systems and of Online Marketing know-how. You get a combo of tech-savvyness and online business management skills. You benefit not only from the skills we have but also strategizing with you to grow your business.

You are the best YOU when those around you help build you up! As your team of Virtual Assistants, you get a powerful combination of skills and techsavvy kickassery to help your business grow.

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